The Grand Budapest Hotel

All qualms I might have about Wes Anderson films are outweighed for my admiration of his aesthetics--his films are a feast for the eyes. The Grand Budapest Hotel which will debut in 2014 looks as decadent as his previous films and even from the preview you can see him continuing to expand his surreal world. With earlier films like Rushmore or Royal Tennenbaums he worked on location and while set design was impressive his style reached a new height after his stop-motion Fantastic Mr Fox. In Moonrise Kingdom he used a doll house like set similar to the style necessary for his stop-motion film and you can see a new quirkiness in camera direction, not to mention decadence in set design that wasn't there in previous films. Grand Budapest Hotel already feels like a continuation of that style and such a wonderful explosion of color. I'm ridiculously excited for it to hit theaters.

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