Khumbula is a group of styles and designers from Johannesburg that recently launched a street style site with Lourens Loux Gebhardt of The Vintage Guru. The website that seeks to inspire and explain the merits of vintage fashion. In their own words they are a group "of young visionaries who advocate for a well cut Africa, the sartorial Africa." The site features incredibly stylish individuals in a mix of 50s and 60s clothing--and while retro it's not too restrictive that you won't find young women in trousers and suspenders. "We are an ensemble of young creatives from the city of Johannesburg, we pride ourselves with the beauty of our continent and we aim to showcase the art and science of craftmanship of our continent. We do this to create a different perception of this mysterious continent, for our art is the Africa doesn't normally see on TV." It's street fashion with a perspective and I'm excited to see who and what they'll be featuring next.

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