Weekend Planning: Future Home

We haven't officially signed the lease, but Thomas have found the home we hope to live in after we're married next summer. I don't have any pictures of the house yet since I've only seen the inside via a video tour directed by Thomas--although I did see the outside last time I visited him. It's cute and the location is ideal and I'm excited to live there despite the fact it is around 250 square feet in size! Yep, Thomas and I will be living in a "tiny house" (although our house was made before that term/movement existed). This decision has spurred me reading various blogs on small home living and even watching a documentary on the subject on Netflix (more reading and book suggestions are very welcome). While I haven't exactly been living in the lap of luxury and I have several housemates, it will still be a very big adjustment to move into a home about the size of a loft apartment in New York. But we're excited for the challenge--we like the idea of making our space functional and avoiding excessive clutter and honestly the house is so cute itself there's no way we could resist...Anyway, now that we've chosen a home it's the exciting time of talking about paint colors, what we need, what we want to make, and so on. Since Thomas and I are usually long distance I've been collecting inspiration on Pinterest or dog-earing pages in books and showing them to him every night via Skype. It's just another thing on my list of stuff I really wish I could start working on, but can only plan from a distance right now...

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